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What started as an hackathon contest, ended up in a full fledged software development company. Ajithkumar, Siva and Venkadesh joined hands to find a solution for taking government schemes to common people. The team built a bespoke WhatsApp chat bot that won the first prize in the hackathon contest.

With an extensive experience in Software development and particularly chat bots, the team can build any custom software that you need.


Makkal Nalan Bot

This Whatsapp bot asks few questions to the users and based on their answers, it suggests the government schemes eligile for them. All the answers are through a touch of a button and the user won't even need to enter any text. The bot is available in both Tamil and English.

Kural Bot

This chat bot is the modern way of reading the famous Tamil literarry piece 'The Thirukkural'. The bot can also suggests books to the user based on the category the user is interested in. With it's own witty humor for general questions the bot was received well in the facebook community.


This web app was born out of the idea of making Tamil literature reach the current generation. The web app can work even without an active internet connection which is first of it's kind for a Tamil website. The app suggests poems from classic Tamil Literature Kurunthogai based on user's request.

Ask Vidhya

Ask Vidhya is a bot built for an NGO. The bot is aimed at school teachers. It has a collection of curated open educational resources and it can suggest lesson plans and resources to the teacher based on the grade and the subject.

Media Coverage

Makkal Nalan Bot

The software, with more than 300 schemes, was described to be a one-stop solution for those seeking assistance with government schemes, from cradle to the grave.

Kural Bot

Kural Bot is a small step towards bringing AI and Tamil language together. Not only Kural verses, but it can suggest books as well.



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